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pat bolland

Born in Flint, Michigan to an enterprising doctor/nurse couple I didn't live in the U.S. for long, but American ideologies run strong in my blood.  Business seems a natural fit.

After graduating from Queen's University at Kingston with two degrees, one being Phys-Ed, I started work on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange as a phone clerk for McLeod Young Weir. I progressed quickly to run the options trading desk - seems my other degree in Math was far more useful at the time - and spent the next decade in the investment industry in both retail and institutional sales. As a VP, I helped take MYW to number three on Bay Street.  When we were  bought by ScotiaBank I didn't fit the corporate culture.  I moved into broadcasting.

As business editor of CBC -TV for 10 years I learned that what broadcasting needed was someone who could take the intricacies of business and explain them to everyday people. Outside my CBC work I created a TV show called "Investors Online" that merged TV and the internet. That attracted CNBC, and for the next five years I served as on-air stocks editor at that network. Family reasons, and the post-911 environment in the U.S.,  brought me back to Canada. I worked at ROBTV, which subsequently became BNN, for 6 years. I joined Sun New Network at inception allowing me to cover not only business, but politics and more. 

I parlayed my media and business background into media training and corporate public relations by becoming Senior Counsel at Veritas Communications. I've also been able to use my TV skills in public speaking, event hosting & moderating and webcasting for financial institutions and conferences.

Outside business I have two loves: family and sports. I'm the eldest of 12 children, husband to a very supportive wife, father of 5 great kids and Poppa to one. I golf, ski and coach: hockey for 36 years, soccer for 14, and 13 in lacrosse.  I recently retired as Head Coach of Queen's University Varsity Women's Lacrosse after winning OUA Coach of the Year.

I have always been active in the community and serve on the St Joseph’s (Toronto) Hospital Foundation Board of Governors.

Oddly, despite all my media, business and sport ties I still get stopped on the street, usually by someone who states - “You're the guy with the ‘stache'!